Web Site Design

Designing a web site is a little like building a house...plan your work, then work your plan.

Among the key questions for every business owner to ask themselves is: “What do I want to accomplish?”

And “Who is my primary online audience?”


When it comes to design, these are the first question I want to address. Next comes the planning of the “information architecture.” The web is primarily an information delivery system, so it is vitally important that we structure the web content in a way that is easy for the viewer to use.


Stylistically speaking, I create web sites that are easy to navigate, where the information is easy to access and the content is delivered in a professional, esthetically pleasing manner.


Now, in addition to the initial creative process, it is critical to think in terms of not just a standard desktop viewing model, but see the web as three formats:

1.) Desktop; 2.) Mobile phone version; 3.) Tablet version


Also, the SEO implementation of metatags, key words and other techniques for being found

online are now an additional aspect of the creative process.

A few of the Web Sites that I have Created are Listed Below:

Collum Designs

Dominion Interiors

Families Especial


Don Sherrod Handyman

Doug Brown Construction

The Cowboy Breakfast

Rebecca Creek Ranches

His Promise Creations

Sanchez Contractors

Timberframes, Inc.

Top 10 Nails