Graphic Design Guiding Principles

Design is the over-arching principal that guides all marketing communications. Whatever the media, intentional focused effort on the part of the creator is required to effectively reach and impact the target audience. It is to this purpose, every creative element I produce is directed – I think of it as “information architecture.”


Building a communication piece, whether a brochure, web site, video or other application starts with a good plan based on good understanding and a sure foundation. The goal is always to guide your audience to the information they are seeking easily and to make the experience as enjoyable as

possible for your potential customer.


I am personally committed to the principles of excellence and professionalism for all the work I produce for my clients; I believe that high quality is a standard that never goes out of style and I am never satisfied unless I can provide the very best of my abilities to the clients I serve.


A few practical applications: The principle of “not over complicating or over simplifying” - whether brochures, web sites or other venues, the information architecture always needs to be clear and directed, not skimping on details when needed while at the same time avoiding clutter.


Photography: is not just a picture – my endeavor is to make every image a work of art. Starting with composition, lighting and finishing with post-production techiques that render superior results, I am passionate about creating “WOW” images for every job I produce for my clients.


I believe thinking “outside the box” and the skill of creative concept development are additional ingredients necessary for a successful marketing communication piece.


Lastly, I am committed to being accessible to my clients and providing a good communication flow at all stages of any project. I find my work is always best when produced with a collaborative meeting of the minds.





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