Graphic Design & Creative Services Philosophy

Information Architecture:


We’ve all heard the Real Estate “mantra” - “location, location, location.” In this business, my “soapbox” is “communication, communication, communication.”


Sounds simple. And yet, so many marketing pieces (whether print or electronic media) fail to communicate. Before starting any project, we will listen to you so that we truly understand what you are saying. Then, we will determine who the market really is and craft the message appropriately.


Styles vary depending on the type of business and the unique profile of the targeted audience. Bold, conservative, elegant, gentle, wild, calm, etc...are all just colors on the style palette to be used to effectively communicate. Not only is the actual piece designed, the flow of information is also designed – this is especially important for web-based communication.


Regardless of what style a piece may call for, all of our work employs a few foundational principles:



Avoid over-simplification or over-complexity.


Prioritize communication over artwork.

The design is just the vehicle.


Think outside the box whenever possible. Go “the extra mile” with the thought process. Quality & excellence never go out of style. Everything we do employs this foundation.

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